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The Quickest Way to Get to the Root of Your Health Concerns

Updated: Apr 9, 2019

As an Integrative Health Practitioner one of the biggest jobs I have is helping you identify the root causes of your health symptoms. By identifying the root causes, you and I can work side by side as health detectives in order to remove the toxins, replace the deficiencies, and rebalance the body.

If you’re anything like me, you want to know right off the bat what the specific imbalances, toxicities, or deficiencies are that need to be addressed. When I began to seek out Functional Medicine for my husband’s multiple GI symptoms, primary care physicians, gastroenterologists, and even a few emergency medicine doctors had already evaluated him. Traditional labs had been ran, endoscopies and various procedures had been performed, elimination diets had been to tried, all to no avail.

Then I was introduced to Functional Medicine Lab Testing

Functional Medicine lab testing takes the guesswork out of what supplementation your body needs, OR what toxicities need to be removed.

We are able to see right away what your body needs at a functional level.

No guessing.

In my husband’s case, he received a black and white answer to what was causing his GI distress. The specific results of the laboratory testing (all of which were performed at home by the way!) allowed for the development of a wellness plan that included:

  • INDIVIDUALIZED diet recommendations

  • SPECIFIC supplementation protocols

  • PERSONALIZED lifestyle recommendations

SO MUCH MORE than the one medication the GI doctor prescribed him with the directions “take this for the rest of your life.”


As an RN who knows the medication my husband was prescribed is intended as a short-term therapy, I was not comfortable settling for this solution. After all, the medication was just to mask his symptoms, not to heal- and don’t even get me started on the side effects of its long-term use. ☹

Lab testing provides us with the black and white data that we need to give you THE MOST personalized approach to your plan of care.

Let’s talk about what lab testing I (along with my certifying Naturopathic Doctor) can offer you as an Integrative Health Practitioner and how they differ from traditionally ordered labs at your average primary care office.


Organic Acids Test

Food Sensitivity Test

Thyroid and Adrenal Hormone Test

Adrenal and Hormone Test

Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis

Stool Test

Mold Toxicity Test

Omega 3 Test

Toxicity Test

You can read more about the specific lab tests offered HERE, OR schedule a FREE 15 min consultation with me to see which labs are most appropriate for you.


I firmly believe that if you are looking to regain your health, OR you want to sustain your health, Functional Medicine lab testing is right for you. Lab testing is hands down the fastest and most accurate way to optimize your health and wellness.



The most profound difference between the labs that are ran by a Functional Medicine or Naturopathic Doctor versus labs ran by traditional practitioners is the fact that Functional Medicine labs are looking for trends of imbalances that, if left uncared for, will most likely result in the presence of chronic disease. Labs commonly ran by a conventional practitioner are generally looking for an established disease process.

As an Integrative Health Practitioner, my focus is education and prevention.

Functional Medicine lab testing allows me to observe very specific trends in your body’s biochemical processes in order to address imbalances BEFORE they advance to chronic disease.

At home lab testing is yet another powerful way Integrative Health puts the power of healing into your own hands. As your Certified Integrative Health Practitioner, I along with my certifying Naturopathic Doctor, will review your results and work with you to put together a realistic and sustainable wellness plan. By understanding individual lab values, we can more appropriately design personalized nutritional plans, supplementation protocols, and lifestyle recommendations to bring healing to your life.

I believe if we are able to remove the toxins, replace the deficiencies, and rebalance the body, chronic conditions may not need to be masked with prescription medications, or treated in acute care settings.

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