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Meet Sara

Hello! I am Sara King, a Registered Nurse and certified Integrative Health Practitioner based out of the city beautiful, Orlando, FL.

I began my nursing career with a passion for critical care. However, after working several years as a cardio-thoracic acute care RN and later as a high risk labor and delivery RN,  I recognized a huge deficit in the education around preventative health care. Patients were getting incredible, life-saving care IN the hospital, but were not being taught how to maintain their health, or prevent illness, OUT of the hospital. 

Thanks to my acute care experience, I developed a love for functional medicine and integrative  nursing education. I DO NOT claim to treat, cure or diagnose disease. I DO aim to teach my community how to live in such a way that ideally prevents the need for ICU level care with regards to chronic disease management. Chronic diseases shouldn't have to be managed in an acute care setting, nor should the symptoms be masked using a pill for every ill approach without also searching for the root cause. I am committed to providing you with the resources and education you need to regain and maintain control of your own health. 


I believe YOU are in charge of your own health care and I am here to support YOU. I will walk side by side with you on your health and wellness journey in order for you to not only achieve your goals, but also to ensure you are able to maintain lifelong optimal health.
















My passion for health and wellness began when my mother was diagnosed with stage III brain cancer. After a life saving operation, she began daily radiation treatments. I accompanied her every day to her radiation treatments, and it was in the radiation waiting room where I had the incredible opportunity to listen to many people's health stories. Sitting in the same room every day with the same people enables you to develop relationships like no other. I was overwhelmed by the fact that the majority of these people who were undergoing treatment to regain their health were actually experiencing declines in their health. So many times I heard this medication lead to this side effect which caused the need for this other medication that then caused this side effect--what a vicious cycle. The number of doctors’ visits, hospital stays, prescriptions, and medical bills seemed to increase instead of decrease over time for my new friends and even for my mother. Symptoms of chronic illnesses were hardly being managed, much less treated or cured, and I knew that there had to be a different path to achieving optimal health. 


I became a Registered Nurse in 2013 with the goal of becoming an Intensive Care Unit nurse, helping to heal the sickest of the sick. I thought that if I could understand how to help heal ICU patients, I could, without a doubt, help to heal my own family. However, the more I learned, the more I began to understand that what caused the need for the acute hospital stays and the increased need for medication was actually poor every day management of chronic illnesses. Very rarely did I hear a physician ask a patient about lifestyle habits or give nutritional advice. Everything revolved solely around prescription medication and invasive treatment plans to suppress whatever symptom a patient presented with. No one seemed to really be addressing the root cause of the symptom. Upon this realization, my nursing career goals shifted. I knew I wanted to make a lasting impact on my family’s health and the health of my community before they fell victim to interventions only a hospital could provide. I fell in love with preventative care, getting to the root of the problem and educating others on just how vital everyday life choices are to overall health.











What if life didn’t have to progress to increased hospital stays and longer lists of daily medications as we age? What if, provided the right education, resources, and time, we all were able to age gracefully, eat well, and minimize the need for acute hospitalizations and long lists of prescriptions? 

My goal is to bring you that education and to provide you with resources, so that together, we are able to rebalance your body, replace what is deficient and remove the toxins that inhibit you from experiencing the fullness of life I believe we were ALL meant to enjoy.

As a certified Integrative Health Practitioner, I am able to help put the power of healing back into your hands, and give you control of your health rather than surrendering to medical procedures and prescriptions.

As a current RN also working in an acute care setting, I without a doubt respect and value the advancements of conventional medicine and its critical importance in acute situations. I see the power of medicine and teams of health practitioners literally save lives on a daily basis.

However, my passion is prevention of chronic disease. I know if we are able to address the underlying root causes, chronic illnesses may not need to be masked with prescription medications, and dare I say, may be prevented all together.

Don't underestimate the power of your every day choices- your life depends on them.


Patient with Healthcare Nurse
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