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Personalized Wellness Program

At Ikaria Integrative Health we believe that healing is possible, but not overnight. We approach health care from a whole person perspective, taking time to dig deep into lifestyle habits, exercise patterns, nutritional choices and stress management in order to get to the root of your health concerns. Most plans run for 12 weeks. If appropriate for you, we will also recommend lab testing, which will personalize your wellness plan even further.  We treat lifestyle choices just like medicine at Ikaria Integrative Health and with the Personalized Wellness program, we are able to teach you how to rebalance your body, replace what is deficient and remove the toxins that inhibit you from attaining your optimal level of health. We take the time to perform a thorough health intake, discuss YOUR lifestyle, YOUR goals, and work alongside YOU every step of the way.

Our Process


Comprehensive Health Intake

  • Completed Online to be Reviewed by Your Integrative Health Practitioner Prior to Your Initial Appointment

    • Allows More Time to Talk About YOUR STORY During the First Call



Appointment Number 2

  • Progress Reviewed

  • Lab Work Reviewed (If Applicable)

  • Custom Supplementation- Nutrition- Exercise Protocol

  • Personalized Revisions and Adjustments

  • Schedule Monthly Follow Up Appointment

Fresh Plums


Appointment Number 4

  • Review of 12 Week Progress

  • How To Maintain Results

  • Plan Further Follow Up Appointments (If Applicable)

Organic Blueberries


Appointment Number 1

  • Health Intake Form Reviewed

  • Initial Recommendations

  • Order Functional Medicine Detox (If Applicable)

  • Order Lab Work (If Applicable)

  • Schedule Weekly Follow Up Web Calls (Optional- Intended for Maximum Initial Support)

Green Smoothie


Appointment Number 3

  • Review of 8 Week Progress

  • Further Adjustments and Recommendations

  • Review Supplement Protocol

  • Schedule Monthly Follow Up Appointment

Healthy Fruit Yogurt


  • $297/month

  • $75 Add-On One Hour Web Calls (Recommend Weekly for First Month)

  • 24/7 Email Access for Maximum Support

  • Cost of Lab Work and Supplements not Included due to Personalization of Plan - This is Not a One-Size-Fits-All Approach

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